The Crazy Town Country Music Convention 2008

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Welcome to the homepage of the Crazy Town Country Convention. We specialize in bringing together the craziest country artists in the country.

Thank you for a great 2009 everyone! 2009 was our biggest and best year to date. We added more members than we ever have in a single year, and our Annual Festival was the craziest yet! Check out all the photos and visitor stories.

Our 2008 music festival will be held in Fort Cherry Wall, Kentucky on June 15-17, 2008. This will be our 45th anniversary show. Get your tickets now! If you are not yet a member, check out our membership page to learn about all the great benefits of becoming one. Also, if you’d like to volunteer at the 2008 Crazy Town Country Convention, time is running out! Check out the volunteer page to learn more.

Check out the Guest page to read about the 21 lucky artists that were selected for the show this year. By popular demand, some of the artists are repeat guests from last year, but there are also a wide variety of new artists that we hope will knock your socks off.

Special Update (January 17, 2008):
We regret to inform you that our chairman, Billy Horton, died yesterday while breaking up a fight between his chickens. He heard a racket from his porch and raced to break up the fight, but it had already gotten out of control. He was pecked to death. Our sincere condolences to Billy’s family and friends. A funeral service will be held on January 22nd at the Old Towne Service center. We invite all members to attend. Billy Horton served The Crazy Country Convention for 17 years, and he will be dearly missed. Only joking, honestly!

If you forgot to pick up your souvenirs from 2007, then you will definitely want to check out our souvenirs page. We have a selection of items marked down! Extra discount for members.


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About  program  events  guests   membership   hotel  links   volunteers   contact   souvenir