About Us

The Crazy Town Country Convention was founded in 1966 by three fiddle playing farmers with a dream. Hank, Joe, and Sammy wanted to create an annual event that would bring together all the fiddle players in the state for the ultimate fiddle showcase.

That first year, everyone thought they were completely crazy, and they were unable to convince any other musicians to participate. Everyone in town derided them as those “Crazy fiddle players”. The three men liked the sound of that name, so it stuck. They called their music festival The Crazy Town Fiddle Convention.

The first year, there were only three members (Hank, Joe, and Sammy) and they were the only three artists that performed. There were perhaps only a dozen people the audience. But the boys from Fort Cherry Wall gave it their all.

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The next year a fourth act was added, and a crowd of almost 2 dozen people ventured out of their homes to “see what all the fuss was about”. From that point, the convention never stopped growing. Another act was added in year three, and two more in year four. In year 5, Benny the Banjo player asked if he could be included, so the boys officially changed the name to The Crazy Town Country Convention.

More than 40 years later, The Crazy Town Country Convention has grown to become one of the largest country musical festivals in the world. Every year, more than 2000 musicians apply to be included in the program. Hank’s son, Charlie, is the official president. He oversees the voting to select the 21 top musicians who will be allowed to play. The festival now spans three days for a music experience that no one ever forgets. Tens of thousands of country music fans make the long journey to Fort Cherry Wall every year.

The Crazy Town Country Convention’s mission is to provide a forum for the greatest country artists and fans to convene and share their art. We have thousands of members who all assist in the planning, organization, and voting of the greatest country show on earth.

The Crazy Town Country Convention employs more than a dozen fulltime employees, and we rely on hundreds of passionate volunteers every year. We also have some of the best events throughout the year for our members and their families.



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