Dinner with a Guest of Honor

Our Guests of Honor are going to Friday-night dinner with groups of Fiddler's Green members who registered early! We held a lottery, with chances for everyone who registered by August 14, and more chances for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund members (since Fiddler's Green is happening to support the CBLDF).

Email notifications have been sent to all the winners. (If you're included in one of the lists below and you haven't received an email, please send a note to gohdinner@fiddlersgreencon.org so we can tell you where to meet your group, etc.

And the dinner-group lottery winners are:

Dining with Karen Berger:
Llyne Burton
Brydon Caldwell
Jack Foy
Sheila Goldsberry
Ivan Hirons
Midori Krieger
Anissa Rivers
Dan Wilson

Dining with Neil Gaiman:
Georgia C. Aliano
Margaret Bridge
Rebecca Bushong-Taylor
Ryan Graff
Donna Jones
Georgiana Lee
Dave Thomas
Chris Tong

Dining with Todd Klein:
Jenifer Cooper
Josh Dillon
Mikka Geller
Crista Livecchi
Daniel Peretti
Natascha Peterson
Carl Rigney
Mika Turner

Dining with Jill Thompson:
Muriah Lukowicz
Mike Lukowicz
Tamara Nakatani
Lamont Nakatani
Jocelyn Stilwell
Jody Wurl
Lindsey Zoldak
Brian Iglehart

Dining with Charles Vess:
Jesse Brooks
Laura Cameron
Shawn Galdeen
Aaron Krieger
Maureen McCarty
Gina Ooi
Rain Polsky
Don Thomas

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all members of Fiddler's Green who participated in the drawing.

Questions about the lottery? Send us a note to gohdinner@fiddlersgreencon.org.

(Caitlin R. Kiernan declined to participate.)