Hot Silver

Hot Silver was formed in 1994 by two guys working in a silver mine. Spending hours underground together led to a fast friendship. One evening while drinking beers after work, they discovered that each had a passion for guitar. A remarkable duet team, Hot Silver brings audiences to tears with their soulful melodies.

North against the Western

In 2001, brothers Jon and Luke left their hometown in Minnesota to travel to where they always knew their hearts were: the wild west. These brothers provide a rollicking show filled with dancing, jumping, and most of all, great music.

Cleaner and the Mississippi

When Farley Clements quit his janitorial job to reenacted Huck Finn’s famous voyage on the Mississippi River, few ever thought he would become a national sensation. He has proven them all wrong with his sellout crowds last year throughout the southern states. After spending countless days on his raft floating down the river, Farley perfected the wistful sounds of the harmonica.

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Sweaty Gravel

What could be better than 5 funny guys interspersing music playing with stand-up comedy? One of the most innovative and unique performing groups in modern times, Sweaty Gravel always delivers a performance that no one will soon forget.

Turkey Mirror

Formed in 2007, Turkey Mirror is quickly creating a buzz around the country music scene. Elsa, the front woman, has been called a “female Elvis Presley” by Chuck Ainsystore of the Country Music Daily. Sure to deliver a set that will bring the house down, don’t miss Turkey Mirror.

South Buckskin

Five good ‘ole boys from the south have been invited back to the festival for the 3rd straight year. Who doesn’t like to hear classic country music sung while watching the insane juggling feats of Harley Whitsworth, the lead singer?

Arkansas Timber

When a tree logger from Arkansas gave up his day job to play the banjo full time, his family disowned him. Mark Resonale comes from a tree-logging family that stretches back more than 6 generations. Why would he give up on such a rich family heritage? When we asked Mark, he replied “No Comment”.

Highway Moon

Lose yourself in the peaceful melodies of Highway Moon. Highway Moon is a husband/wife duet team who discovered their musical gift when they began singing songs to soothe their rambunctious first child. Now they soothe people of all ages with their timeless music.

Belly Greenhorn

Billy Greenhorn has been called “Belly” his whole life, due to his, ahem, rather rotund midsection. He lists his hobbies as “drinkin’ beer and eatin’ steaks”. Despite all the time these hobbies must consume, he still finds enough time to practice belting tunes. And boy can he belt them!

Chewin' of the Snake

Tim Brady started his group Chewin’ on the Snake with his friends down at his local fishin’ hole. Chewin’ on the Snake is an eclectic band that combines old fashioned fiddle playing, acoustic guitar, and a raging harmonica by Tim himself.

Mexican Appalachian

When Gorge Amiganos immigrated to the United States, he began working as a street sweeper. Every day, he would whistle tunes from his homeland to pass the time. One day, a representative from Olde Time Country Tunes and Dance Magazine heard him, and wrote in his column the next month that Gorge was the “best whistler in Texas”. The rest is history.

Rodeo Grassy

What does a tap dancer who wears a cowboy hat and a guitar player who wears a baseball cap have in common? They are both members of Rodeo Grassy. This group not only dazzles your ears with their outrageous tunes, but provide a visual spectacle that can’t be beat.

Power Alabama

Some people call Power Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd wannabes. Other people say Power Alabama is the band that Skynyrd could’ve been if they had tried harder. No matter what your own personal opinion is on this issue, don’t miss out on the show-stopping electric guitar performance of this group.

The City North

When asked where their hometown was, Jerry Michaels, the front man, said: “We’re from the city that’s a mile north of the north pole.” I don’t know if he was being completely sarcastic or if there is a deep philosophical meaning there.

Rattlesnake Tobacco

“In my opinion, Chewin’ the Snake ripped off our name”, said Alex Dentright, the lead singer of Rattlesnake Tobacco. Ah, what’s a music festival without a little dramatic rivalry? Despite the similar name, the music couldn’t be any different. Alex actually catches rattlesnakes on his ranch and uses their rattles to create remarkably unique instruments. He also likes to chew tobacco.

Mexican Whiskey

A drunk Mexican with an attitude, Johnny Carlson has been called the Jim Morrison of country music. His bizarre antics on stage keep bringing the audiences back – just to see what he’ll do this time. Sometimes his sets are a complete distaster, and sometimes he woos the crowd with his soulful, poetic tales of the Mexican desert. Either way, he’s sure to be entertaining.

Rockin' Grassy

Rock out with Rockin’ Grassy. These guy call themselves a “punk country group with an attitude”. With cowboy hats balanced upon their mohawks, Rockin’ Grassy provides a unique performance every time. They have promised to play their smash hit “I Hate My Pickup”.

The League Hobo

Finnegan Mansley supported himself for 30 years by train hopping from city to city and playing his banjo on the street. He was famous for always having an empty can of Spam in front of him to collect tips. He is apparently so accustomed to this lifestyle that when we offered to fly him out to the show, he said “nah, I’m just gonna hitchhike”.

Barnyard Defunct

In 1985, two neighboring farmers decided to have a fiddle duel to decide who owned the barn that had been built 100 years ago directly on the property line. Enemies before, they soon became friends as they earned each other’s respect with their respective fiddle playing. Now they win the respect of audiences wherever they go. They still won’t say who won the initial contest.

Forgotten against the Frontier

Susie, Betty, Samantha, and Besse felt left out of their community. To solve this problem, they formed a support group that they called Forgotten Against the Frontier. Soon, they began playing music together, and the name stuck. Now they are the most famous women in their town – far from forgotten.

The Lonesome Mountain

Standing at 6’8”, Lenny Skillet is a mountain of a man and a mountain of a performer. The winner of 5 Grammys, The Lonesome Mountain is the perfect capstone to our festival. With a performance featuring fireworks, a lightshow, and 12 dancers, this is a performance you won’t want to miss.



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