Many people ask us why they should bother becoming a member of The Crazy Town Country Convention. Let us give you a few good reasons:

1. FREE admission to the Annual Festival in June.

Every member gains free admission to our flagship festival that we hold every June. Since membership is the same price as a 3 day festival pass, this is a no brainer. Many of our members have admitted signing up for this reason alone. Most other Country Conventions do not offer this, which is a large reason why we are the fastest growing in the nation. If you are planning on attending the festival in June, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your membership today.

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In addition to the free 3 day festival pass, membership also grants you:

2. Exclusive Nomination and Voting Rights

Our valued members are the ONLY people with the high privilege of determining which artists will represent The Crazy Town Country Convention each year. Have a favorite band you would like to see perform? You can only nominate them if you are a member.

3. 50% Discount on Country Music Daily

We have formed a partnership with the premier country music newspaper Country Music Daily. Featuring local concerts, news, and gossip, Country Music Daily is the only place to go to get your daily country music fix. This offer is only available to our members, but it isnít required.

4. FREE photo at the Festival.

Commemorate your time at the festival with a photo with Charlie, our President. Charlie is the son of Hank, one of the original founding fathers of The Crazy Town Country Convention. Charlie will be in the photo booth by the main stage for most of day 3. Normally $20 for non-members, we provide this service to members for free.

5. Exclusive Events Throughout the Year

At The Crazy Town Country Convention, we consider ourselves a big family. And families get together from time to time to laugh, eat, drink, dance, sing, and otherwise be merry. Check our Events page for all the juicy details. This is your chance to network with other like minded country music lovers. After all, if you both signed up for a Crazy Town Country Convention membership, you both must be pretty smart, right?

Membership is $150 per year. To be eligible for a free ticket for the June festival, you MUST sign up before May 1st, 2008. This ensures that we have ample time to process your membership and to mail the appropriate documents.



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