Every year, our volunteer program is a bit hit. We love our volunteers and are grateful at the number of applicants we get every year.

We need volunteers to:

1. Sell tickets at the gate

Help us sell tickets! Although we encourage patrons to buy their tickets in advance, thousands of people show up every year expecting to buy a ticket at the gate. What are we supposed to do, turn them away? We are seeking hard working, responsible individuals to help us will this important task.

2. Serve Refreshments

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that concerts make people thirsty. Since our festival is held during the summer, this is especially true. They also get hungry! Beyond these services, we need people to help sell souvenirs and alcohol. Sign up today to help us in our booths!

Please note: applicants for alcohol sales must be 21 years of age or older.

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3. Cleanup Duty

It is inevitable that when so many people come together a lot of garbage will be produced. This is your chance to help not only The Crazy Town Music Convention, but also the environment.

4. Security Task Team

This is usually the easiest job, but when we need you, boy do we need you! Fulfill your dream of being a law enforcement officer. You will be issued a walkie-talkie and a cool yellow shirt. First priority is given to applicants with security experience.


Volunteers must work for at least 10 hours over the course of the 3 day festival. To apply, please fill out the online volunteer application. Although cleanup duty sounds like the least desirable job, it is often the most popular because you donít have to miss any shows. Unfortunately, space is limited, so we award volunteer positions on a first come, first serve basis. Please list your first, second and third choice, as well as the time blocks that you would like to work. In exchange for helping us as a volunteer, you will gain a free pass for the entire three day festival. Nice deal, but donít delay!


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