Running a successful and fun convention takes a great number of people.

Right now we need folks with sf/f conrunning experience, or related experience in group planning projects. If you're a conrunner, or have experience you believe you can extrapolate from, and want to work with us to make Fiddler's Green happen, please send us an email describing your experience and what you're interested in doing, to volunteers@fiddlersgreencon.org.

As we get closer to the convention we'll also definitely be looking for people to help staff various areas, and for people just interested in working a few hours here or there during the con. However you're interested in helping out, please send us an email and let us know so we can contact you when we need you.

Please note: The Fiddler's Green profits are all going to the CBLDF. We don't have to tell you how important that is. The flipside of that, though, is that the people working the con don't get comp memberships. We'd like to provide a special perk for everyone who helps, and we're figuring out what that might be, but we can't afford for it to be a comp membership.